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Drop Team, Brazil


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Drop Team, Brazil
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Drop Team have a goal to develop the first Brazilian vehicle with an efficiency of 1,000 km per liter gasoline, setting a record in their country.

Comprising of twelve members of the university’s Mechanical Engineering Course, Drop Team was formed by teachers and students. Since the beginning, the team has standardized their recruitment and selection process, requiring interested students to complete several activities including taking a test regarding the competition rules, completing a professional profile, and interviewing with current teammates. After candidates are approved, new members become either Apprentices or Trainees, and both must complete a final evaluation to join Drop Team.

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After winning the Prototype Gasoline category for the second time at Shell Eco-marathon Brazil in 2018, the team went onto compete in Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2019, winning third place and broke the South American Record for energy efficiency with a Gasoline Prototype vehicle.

Heading into Shell Eco-marathon Americas in 2020, the team was motivated to seek new experiences and working to create the most sustainable mobility solution possible. To aid this, members focused on a communication campaign for their entry into the 2020 Americas Off-Track Awards to help raise awareness of the team and fundraisers that would support the cost of the trip to California. Drop Team is fuelled by its passion for energy conservation and the opportunity to inspire others to save natural resources in their home country of Brazil.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, following the cancellation of the track events in 2020, the team felt the need to give back, so entered and got shortlisted for the Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon Award, for adapting their 3D printer to produce face shields for their local community.

Future plans

Participating in Shell Eco-marathon Americas Off-Track and Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon Awards has heightened Drop Team’s career aspirations.

Drop Team is working on an extension project to teach energy efficiency to students in Brazil, with the goal of raising awareness and showing how every individual can contribute to sustainability efforts.

The team is also beginning to develop their autonomous Urban Concept vehicle. They believe having an autonomous, economical vehicle to move around safely in – and with low environmental impact – will be the mobility trend of the future. 



“This is how we learn to see things differently, immersed in another reality that inspires and motivates us. It leads us to a different future, contributing not only to our lives, but in a more comprehensive way.”


Team Captain: Jean Radeski

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