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Virtual Learning Session: SwRI


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Autonomous Programming Competition with SwRI

Watch the insightful session that covers state-of-the-art autonomous technology.

In the first-ever Virtual Learning Session, Steve Dellenback and Chris Mentzer from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) introduce a beta trail of the new Shell Eco-marathon Autonomous Programming Competition, which has initially launched in the Americas only.

Watch the highlights video below. You’ll find the full session here and the Q&A here.


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Introducing the Autonomous Programming Competition with SwRI


Title: Shell learning sessions series 1 - SWRI

Duration: 1:09 minutes


In this video, two speakers from SwRI shared about their autonomous programming.

Shell learning sessions series 1 - SWRI transcript

[Background music plays]

The Sound of Shell adaption.

[Text displays]

Norman Koch, Global General Manager Shell Eco-marathon

[Norman Koch]

Hello everyone and welcome to our Shell Eco-marathon Virtual Learning Session with Southwest Research Institute.

[Video footage]

Footage of Norman Koch speaking at the background of a study room with bookshelf behind him.


#ShellEcoMarathon Virtual Learning Sessions. SwRI.

[Male Speaker 1]

Thanks Norman. Appreciate it very much. We are an organisation which does applied research in a wide variety of technical fields. We've been doing automated vehicles for the last 13 years.

[Video footage]

Footage featuring male speaker 1 speaking at the background of a room. Next, the presentation switched to an animation featuring wordings “APPLIED RESEARCH TECHNICAL FIELDS’’ at the centre, with the male speaker 1’s voice over at the background. Then the speaking continues with a presentation with title “Intelligent System Division” at the top left with wordings “AUTOMATED VEHICLES FOR 13 YEARS’’ at the bottom left.


Virtual Learning Sessions. Introducing Autonomous Programming with SwRI. SwRI

[Male Speaker 2]

I'm the Assistant Director in the automated vehicles area. So, what's an Automatic Driving System? Eventually, I think if we want to get something that drives, like we drive, you know, we are pushing towards Level 5. System of Level 5 is anytime, anywhere. Some of the other slides will kind of talk about problems that getting to Level 5 are going to have. There’s lots of scenarios that really just makes it hard for a person to drive. Trying to get a system that'd handle everything that it’s never seen before is very difficult.

[Video footage]

After showing the title in an animation form, the presentation moved to a footage featuring the male speaker 2 speaking at the background of a study room. After that, it switched to an animation showing wordings “WHAT’S AN AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEM?” at the centre, with the male speaker 2’s voice over and the background. Together with the voice over, the presentation showed an illustration with the title “What is an Automated Driving System?” at the top left, following by an animation showing wordings “LEVEL 5 IS ANYTIME ANYWHERE” at the centre. As the male speaker 2’s voice over continued, the presentation switched to a footage featuring a video with a car driving on a road with title “Simulation Demo” at the top centre. Wordings “SCENARIOS MAKE IT HARD TO DRIVE’’ were seen at the bottom left, then changed to “SYSTEM NEVER SEEN BEFORE”


#ShellEcoMarathon Virtual Learning Sessions.

[Norman Koch]

For more on the future of Autonomous Driving from Southwest Research Institute, watch the full Learning Session on YouTube.

[Video footage]

Footage of Norman Koch speaking at the background of a study room with bookshelf behind him.


Shell brand mnemonic played on keys.

[Video footage and graphic]

Shell logo at the centre with text displaying below.

[Text displays]


What is SwRI?

SwRI is one of the oldest and largest independent, non-profit, applied research and development organizations in the USA.

What is the session about?

Here’s a brief look at the agenda:

  • The SwRI partnership with Shell Eco-marathon
  • Beta trial of the Autonomous Programming Competition
  • Answering questions from participants

How long is it?

The session running time is 1 hour and 16 minutes, while the Q&A is 24 minutes

What will I learn?

  • It’ll help you understand more about autonomous technology and the latest development from SwRI
  • You’ll hear about it from experts in the field from SwRI
  • Listen to fellow participants’ questions being answered in real-time

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