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Virtual Learning Session: SOLIDWORKS


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Brian Hillner giving students a talk
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Introduction to SOLIDWORKS’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for Designers and Engineers

Hosted by Brian Hillner, Senior Product Portfolio Manager (Edu), SOLIDWORKS

Watch the highlights video below. You’ll find the full session here and the Q&A here.


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Introduction to Design And Engineering products with SOLIDWORKS


Title: Shell learning sessions series 1- SOLIDWORKS

Duration: 1:01 minutes


In this video, two speakers shared about the 3D Experience Platform sponsorship.

Shell learning sessions series 1- SOLIDWORKS transcript

[Background music plays]

The Sound of Shell adaptation.

[Text displays]

Norman Koch, Global General Manager Shell Eco-marathon

[Norman Koch]

Hello everybody and welcome to the 2020 Shell Eco-marathon Virtual Learning Session with SOLIDWORKS.

[Video footage]

Footage of Norman Koch speaking at the background of a study room with bookshelf behind him.


#ShellEcoMarathon Virtual Learning Sessions. SOLIDWORKS.

[Male Speaker]

We're excited to go over our 3D Experience Platform sponsorship.

[Video footage]

An animation featuring the title with a trophy drawing. After that switched to a male speaker speaking at the background of a room.


Virtual Learning Sessions, SOLIDWORKS. Introducing SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience Platform. SOLIDWORKS.

[Male Speaker]

That allows you, as student teams, to connect globally with your team members, all on a cloud from any device. It's a platform that gives your entire team access to a catalogue of apps to design, simulate, inform, and most importantly, collaborate seamlessly on a single project, on a single platform. And with SOLIDWORKS Sponsorship, it also unlocks loads of training content and helps you get certified. And all of these helps you boost your resume.

[Video footage]

With the male speaker voice over background, the footage started with a presentation of 3 group photos and one photo showing a racing car. The “Shell Eco-marathon” wording appeared on the top left of the presentation, and the wordings “CONNECT GLOBALLY WITH TEAM MEMBERS” were seen at the bottom left of the presentation. Next, the presentation showed a round greyish button with a play button at the center, with title “Everything You Need- In One Place” at the centre top. The wording “ON THE CLOUD FROM ANY DEVICE” were shown at the bottom left of the presentation. Next the presentation showed the platform with titles changing from “xDesign” to “3D Play” (the wording “DESIGN. SIMULATE” at the bottom left), then “Platform Connector” (the wordings “INFORM. COLLABORATE” at the bottom left) at the centre top. Next, the wordings “SOLIDWORKS SPONSORSHIP UNLOCKS TRANING CONTENT” appeared on the centre of the presentation. Then the presentation switched to the platform again with title “xShape” at the centre top together with the wordings “BOOST YOUR RESUME” appeared at the bottom left.


#ShellEcoMarathon Virtual Learning Sessions.

[Norman Koch]

To find out more about SOLIDWORKS' 3D Experience Platform Sponsorship, watch the full learning session on YouTube.

[Video footage]

Footage of Norman Koch speaking at the background of a study room with bookshelf behind him.


Shell brand mnemonic played on keys.

[Video footage and graphic]

Shell logo at the centre with text displaying below.

[Text displays]



Shell Eco-marathon partner Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS develops and markets 3D CAD design software, analysis software, and product data management software. Brian Hillner, the host of this session, is the SOLIDWORKS Senior Product Portfolio Manager (Edu).

What is the session about?

  • The cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform – including a free year of access to the platform for students 
  • SOLIDWORKS sponsorship 
  • How to get started and sponsored
  • MySolidworks & certifications: learning content to level-up and power-up with certifications

How long is it?

The session running time is 52 minutes. The Q&A is 16 minutes.

What will I learn?

  • More about 3DEXPERIENCE, a cloud-based platform for designers and engineers
  • A deeper understanding of the tools that industry professionals are using every day
  • Unlock training, content and certifications
  • Boost your resume and learn with like-minded students

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